Company Director & Head of SEO

Ben is our co-founder and director! He founded Sandbox Media along with Zach in 2020 and he also heads our SEO team. Ben brings a wealth of experience to our team, ensuring consistent progress throughout our SEO campaigns. From day to day, you can find him working at all levels of our agency, from engaging with clients to implementing SEO strategies.


Ben loves spending time outdoors when he is not in the office, taking part in as many activities as possible and always in search of new experiences.

I try to get involved with everything, but absolutely love everything that gets my adrenaline pumping! My two biggest hobbies are motorbikes and anything involving the sea, often going wakeboarding, sailing, and scuba diving!
There are so many! But number one would have to be a South American road trip!
I think I’d have to go for “The Gentlemen” by Guy Ritchie… Although any film featuring Leonardo DiCaprio would be coming in pretty close behind!

What Ben’s Listening To