Company Director & Head of SEO

Zach is our Co-Founder and Managing Director! He founded Sandbox Media along with Ben in 2020 and now manages all aspects of the company day to day to ensure we continue to provide a great service for all our clients. Day to day, you can find him working at all levels of our agency, from engaging with clients to strategising promotional campaigns or designing a new website.


When Zach’s not working he’s either travelling (or planning his next trip), playing with his cat Theo or on a bike ride.

I’m always keen on trying everything but my main hobby is travelling, with the ambitious goal of travelling to every country in the world. Other than travelling, I like to ride motorbikes and I want to learn to DJ!
There’s a small island off the coast of Yemen called Socotra that has the wildest landscapes, so I’d have to say there! Not that it’s easy to reach…
Anything Wes Anderson has been involved in, it would be between The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Darjeeling Limited.

What Zach’s Listening To